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Mr. Arduini, ever since the start of his business activities, has spearheadead the growth of IGR Spa at both production and economic level.

Today, this tradition continues and Mr. Arduini, Chairman of the Board of Directors, has been joined by other younger menbers of the family, all of whom occupy executive posts in the company.


The IGR Spa hard chromium plating project for industrial use began in 1965 on a 50,000 sq. m. industrial site (20,000 of which covered) near Reggio Emilia.

This project expanded thanks to a burgeoning demand for special applications in the agricultural mechanical field, in which Reggio Emilia is world leader, above all thanks to the outstanding technologies developed in the hydraulic sector.

IGR Spa, in the person of its Chairman, Mr. Arduini Giuseppe, assisted by an efficient technical staff, can quite rightly be counted among the major companies in the sector at European level sub-contracting steel products for use in the hydraulic-pneumatica and mechanical industries.

Who we are

IGR Spa is a fast-growing company.
Ongoing investments have placed it in the forefront in terms of product quality and services, both in Italy and abroad. It is able to provide its costumers with a prompt delivery service for standard and tailor-cut items stored in a modern and spacious warehouse featuring an advanced computerised cutting centre.

It is able to provide hard chromium plating for industrial use, even on finished materials, with diameters up to 650 mm and lenghts up to 12,000 mm, including those supplied by customers, thanks to a modern galvanic plant completed by an efficient machine tool departmente able to provide all process support operations.

Staff are trained to maintain and upgrade efficiency and global quality.

IGR spa Via Giuseppe Di Vittorio, 53 - 42020 Puianello di Quattro Castella - Reggio Emilia - Italy
Tel. +39 0522 885111 - Fax +39 0522 885787 - Partita IVA: 02298050358 E-Mail: igr@igr.it

Riporti di cromo duro, tubi e barre cromate in acciaio per oleodinamica e pneumatica. Hard chromium plating, steel tubes and bars for hydraulic and pneumatic.