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Type "LUS" carbon chromium plated steel bars tol. f7
EN 10083/1:2 C45


Type "P" carbon chromium plated steel bars tol. f7
EN 10083/1:2 C45


42CrMo4 hardened and tempereted chromium plated steel bars tol. f7
EN 10083/1 42CrMo4


Type "HD" induction hardened plated bars in carbon steel
tol. f7
EN 10083/1:2 C45


Nichel + Chromium
1500 hours - 20MnV6


Externally chromium plated pipes steel St 52 BK+S tol. f7
EN 10305-1 E355+SR


Seamless pipes in ST 52 BK+S steel, cold drawn and suitable for internal lapping
EN 10305-1 E355+SR


Inside honed or skived & ruller bornished pipes in cold-drawn seamless ST 52 BK+S steel tol.H8   EN 10305-1 E355+SR


Ready to use, in cold-drawn ST 52 BK steel, tol. H9
EN 10305-2 E355+C


Pipes for oleodynamic circuits in cold-drawn ST 37.4 NBK steel
EN 10305-4 E235+N


Continuos cast hydraulic cast iron G25 (DIN 1691) in round, lat, square and rectangular bars


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Riporti di cromo duro, tubi e barre cromate in acciaio per oleodinamica e pneumatica. Hard chromium plating, steel tubes and bars for hydraulic and pneumatic.