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Quality, first and foremost. This is IGR's motto.

In fact IGR performs a series of controls on incoming and outgoing materials to ensure products comply with the highest quality standards.

These controls are made by using electronic measuring equipment designed to test the various product characteristics and observance of prescribed tolerances.

Quality also means accurate advice of our engineers (for each inquiry), supported by fast and punctual delivery of products.

For IGR, all these aspects belong to the daily routine.

Every stage of production is carried out with special machines and equipment capable of guaranteeing perfect execution of the process; more specifically, these stages are:

prior grinding
chromium plating
final grinding
internal lapping
cutting to size

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Riporti di cromo duro, tubi e barre cromate in acciaio per oleodinamica e pneumatica. Hard chromium plating, steel tubes and bars for hydraulic and pneumatic.