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The firm and its line of products

IGR is a firm which has always been distinguished by production quality and the excellent service given to clients. It can now be included amongst the most important firms in the hard chromium plating sector and represents an industrial complex with notable productive capacity and systems equipped with considerable powers and efficiency which are able to meet the requirements of any type of work.

Recently, other than the technological updating of the existing equipment, a very modern system has been completed for the chromium plating of very large pieces.This system is able to chromium plate items up to a maximum diameter of 1000 mm. and with a maximum lenght of 13000 mm.

IGR hal also notably developed activities relative to the distribution of metal products for the oleopneumatic industry. These products include chromium plated steel bars with a high degree of precision, externally chromium plated steel pipes, steel pipes for cylinders, pipes for oleodynamic circuits and continuously cast hydraulis cast iron.

The above mentioned products are the best to be found on the market. IGR can satisfy any request as notable quantities of material for any type of product are always kept in stock.

Therefore, apart from the industrial hard chromium plating activity and the metal product distribution , IGR is able to carry out a complete service not only to factories in the oleodynamic sector, but also to firms in different industrial sectors requiring the chromium plating technology of IGR itself and the supply of the above mentiones products.

An efficient technical, commercial and distribution service is always available in order to rapidly solve all problems which may be submitted to our company.

The manufacturing

IGR spa Via Giuseppe Di Vittorio, 53 - 42020 Puianello di Quattro Castella - Reggio Emilia - Italy
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Riporti di cromo duro, tubi e barre cromate in acciaio per oleodinamica e pneumatica. Hard chromium plating, steel tubes and bars for hydraulic and pneumatic.